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Motorized Roller Shades

Motorized Roller Shades

Draper Motorized Flexshade ® I/O ACDraper Motorized FlexShade® ACDraper Motorized FlexShade® 485 ACDraper Motorized FlexShade® RTS AC

Draper Motorized Flexshade ® I/O AC

Intuitive, intelligent system, the Motorized FlexShade® I/O AC provides a sccalable solution ideal for small to mid-size commercial projects.

Draper Motorized FlexShade® AC

Draper's standard motorized window shade, the Motorized FlexShade® AC features push-button limits and external control options.

Draper Motorized FlexShade® 485 AC

Automated control makes the Motorized FlexShade® 485 AC the perfect choice for stand-alone or large-scale commercial solutions.

Draper Motorized FlexShade® RTS AC

Built-in radio receiver technology, the Motorized FlexShade® RTS AC window shade features Plug & Play and wireless control options.
Draper FlexShade® ReChargeDraper FlexShade® 2Draper Colossal FlexShade®Draper FlexShade® Battery

Draper FlexShade® ReCharge

An easy-to-install, rechargeable motorized window shade, the FlexShade® ReCharge fits applications where wiring is cost prohibitive or not available.

Draper FlexShade® 2

Maximized coverage for large, tall areas, the FlexShade® 2 window shade provides reduction of light gap.

Draper Colossal FlexShade®

One of the largest motorized window shades on the market, the Colossal FlexShade® provides superior solar control for large window applications.

Draper FlexShade® Battery

Quiet, smooth operation, the FlexShade® Battery features the ability to place motorized shading in difficult areas.
Draper FlexShade® ST30 DCDraper Motorized FlexShade® 50 DCDraper FlexShade® XL

Draper FlexShade® ST30 DC

A low-voltage motor with high voltage performance, the FlexShade® ST30 DC window shade offers reduced wiring costs.

Draper Motorized FlexShade® 50 DC

Accommodates larger widths, the Motorized FlexShade® 50 DC features RTS or RS485 intelligent motorized control for window shade applications

Draper FlexShade® XL

Draper's largest cassette-style FlexShade, the FlexShade® XL window shade offers a 5" profile and greater width with minimum deflection.