Projector Lamp Care

Projector Lamp Care

Understand the lamp

The energy coming from a projection lamp produces enormous heat, and yet the lamp-a relatively small device-must withstand temperatures that would melt most electronic components. Lamps are fragile high-tech devices and they're not inexpensive.

Never touch the lamp

Contact with human skin will leave an oily residue on the lamp that can damage it. Additionally, the lamp gets so hot it can melt your finger. Better projectors house their lamps in a sealed lamp assembly, which protects both the lamp and your safety.

Take care in installing the lamp

Sealed lamp assemblies make changing a projector lamp quite simple: Remove one or two screws, pull a handle, and have the lamp assembly slide out like an ink cartridge on a printer. Reading what your projector manual says about lamp-handling procedure is a very good idea.

Keep filters clean

To extend the life of a projection lamp, clean the projector's filters to ensure there's enough ventilation to maintain an acceptable operating temperature for the lamp. Inspect the filters every couple of weeks or sooner, depending on your environment.

Let the lamp cool

Projection lamp filaments become more fragile when hot. Power down the lamp but keep the fan running until the unit cools off to help protect it.

Don't move a hot projector

Moving a projector while it's hot can cause the filament to break. Don't think you can simply turn off the power, unplug the projector, and pack it up. Let the lamp cool down first.

Take care in installation

If your projector is permanently mounted and not subject to movement, make sure that the fan vent isn't blocked by the mounting plates. This will cause overheating and lamp failure.

Use automation

Better projectors offer connectors to interface with automation systems. When a lamp needs replacement the projector can notify you through a system status update.