EVENT Silent Series 25 Package
EVENT Silent Series 25 PackageEVENT Silent Series 25 PackageEVENT Silent Series 25 Package

EVENT Silent Series 25 Package

Part Number: 68501
Our Price: $23,250.00
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The EVENT Silent Series Package features an air tight inflatable screen approximately 25' wide by 14' tall and is designed for crowds of approximately 350 to 500 people for use in large outdoor venues such as outdoor festivals or movie nights in the park. It features a dual projection surface that allows the screen to be used in front or rear-projection configurations. This can prevent accidental bumps or large shadows on the screen caused by people walking between the projector and screen by placing the projector out of sight behind the inflatable screen.

What differentiates the EVENT Silent Series package from the Silent Series packages are a larger screen and the cases included with this and other EVENT Series packages: rugged cases are provided to fit all equipment provided, inclding a rack-mount ATA case with as much A/V equipment pre-installed and pre-wired as possible.

EVENT Silent Series Inflatable Outdoor Theater System - 68501

Reach audiences like never before with our new EVENT Silent Series Inflatable Outdoor Theater System! This complete package includes everything you need to host a professional outdoor movie event. All equipment is consolidated into rugged ATA cases to keep your equipment secure and easy to transport. Hold professional events on a 25' screen like never before with the EVENT Silent Series Inflatable Outdoor Theater System!

Pre-wired, pre-configured

The EVENT Silent Inflatable Outdoor Theater System ships with the components pre-fitted and pre-wired into a 14RU ATA stage case for ease of use and speedy setup. In addition, each wireless microphone system is individually selected to use the best frequency spectrum based on your location. The end result is a pre-configured system that's easy to use, custom fit to your needs, and ready to go right out of the box.

Premium components at an affordable cost

Many competing outdoor packages include lower grade components at brand-name prices. We use trusted Pro A/V brands such as JBL, Shure, Tascam, Optoma, and Gator Cases to deliver a powerful and reliable system that blows away the competition in both price AND quality.

Event Oriented

The EVENT Silent Series Inflatable Outdoor Theater System is great for outdoor movies, sporting events, other large group entertainment functions. The included wireless Shure Microphone is pre-configured and ready for your master of ceremonies. Plus, a front-facing 1/8" audio jack and included cable is convenient for pre-event background music via your phone or other portable device. The included JBL speakers are clear and powerful providing 2200 Watts of power to reach large crowds.

We thought of everything

Our EVENT Silent Series Inflatable Outdoor Theater System also includes many additions that make holding your event easier than ever before, such as:

  • Air-tight screen does not require constantly running blower motor to stay inflated, allowing for lower noise levels and easier post-inflation repositioning
  • One Button Power On/Off Power Conditioner with rack lights to see your rack equipment at night
  • Deluxe Speaker stands with carrying case
  • Included platform truck with castors allows for easy equipment transport
  • Included 3.5mm cable to broadcast music from your mp3 player, phone, or iPad before and after the movie (PA Speakers also have bluetooth capability)
  • Custom-fit padded foam drawer insert protects the projector while not in use and allows it to be stored inside the A/V case
  • Spare HDMI cable allows you to project content from another device without having to unhook the Blu-Ray player
  • Powerful laser SONY projector provides high-quality video for your event

Not sure what to get? Focused Technology is dedicated to ensuring that you get the right projector screen for your needs! Please call 1-888-686-0551 for help from one of our projector screen experts, or check out the following table below:

PackageFrame StyleImage DiagonalCrowd Size
StarlightRigid aluminum folding-frame10' - 15'50-150
SilverInflatable frame with continuous blower11.5'75-125
GoldInflatable frame with continuous blower15'125-150
PlatinumInflatable frame with continuous blower19.5275-350
Event/Pro SeriesInflatable frame with continuous blower19.5' - 23'275-450
Silent SeriesSealed inflatable frame, no continuous blower10.3' - 23'50-450
Silver 4KInflatable frame with continuous blower11.575-125
Drive-Up SeriesBoth sealed-frame and continuous-blower options available31' - 48.2'1000-5000




EVENT Silent Series 25 PackageEVENT Silent Series 25 PackageEVENT Silent Series 25 PackageEVENT Silent Series 25 Package