Lightweight Portable Projection Screens

Lightweight Portable Projection ScreensWe offer ultra-portable, lightweight screens from Draper, Da-Lite, Elite and others. These ultra-portable are easy to set up and carry. Multiple sizes are available.

Encore Portable Cyber Projection Screen 48" x 64"
Ultra portable, ultra light weight, and sets up in seconds. Check out our easy set up video!
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Now only: $175.00
Draper Road Warrior Series Screens
Ultra-Portable, light weight screen. Pneumatic cylinders control the scissor action of the back brace, positioning the screen at just the required height.
Prices start at just $292!
Da-Lite Deluxe Insta-Theater Projection Screen
The Deluxe Insta-Theater® features a pop-up design and is ideal for traveling or business presentations. The light-weight aluminum case serves as the base of the screen, and a pneumatic scissor mechanism raises and lowers the screen.
Prices start at just $362.40!
Draper Traveller Series Screens
Ultra portable, light weight screen. Infinitely adjustable telescoping upright tensions screen in desired position.
Prices start at just $261!
Draper Luma 2 R Series Screens
Constructed of heavy gauge components for years of dependable operation.
Prices start at just $263!
Draper Carpeted Luma 2 R Series Screens
Large, portable spring-roller operated heavy duty projection screen.
Prices start at just $338!