Discounted Projectors, Screens and Accessories!

InFocus IN138HDST DLP Projector - Open Box
1080p, 4000 Lumens, 28500:1 Contrast, 9.92 lbs., 2 Year Warranty
Now only: $799.00
Optoma ZU1050 Laser Projector, Factory Refurbished - NO LENS
WUXGA, 10000 Lumens, 2000000:1 Contrast, 50.7 lbs., 1 Year Warranty
Now only: $8,499.00
BenQ MW732 DLP Projector - Open Box
WXGA, 4000 Lumens, 20000:1 Contrast, 5.51 lbs., 3 Year Warranty
Now only: $649.00
Dell S510 DLP Projector - Open Box
WXGA (1280x800), 3100 Lumens, 8000:1 Contrast, 16.8 lbs., 2 Year Warranty
Now only: $999.00
Encore 45 x 80 Home Theater Wall Screen
3 1/4" Tapered Aluminum Frame covered with black velvet fabric. Screen fabric attaches to the back of the frame using eyelets.
Closeout Pricing!
Now only: $299.00
Draper Targa Electric Projection Screen, Size 60" x 60" AV, Matt White XT1000E, 110 V - 116002
Warehouse Clearance - Only One Available at this Price!
Now only: $450.00
Encore Tab-Tensioned Electric Screen
Wall or non-recessed ceiling mounted screen. Tensioned for an extra flat surface for optimum image quality.
Now only: $550.00
Encore Cyber Tabletop Projection Screen
Perfect for business presentations and traveling presenters for use in small venues. Same Day Shipping!
Now only: $89.00
Now only: $25.00
Encore Portable Cyber Projection Screen 48" x 64" - Open Box
Ultra portable, ultra light weight, and sets up in seconds. Check out our easy set up video!
Same Day Shipping!
Now only: $149.00