Drive-Up Series 48' Diagonal Inflatable Outdoor Theater for Drive-In - 67177

Drive-Up Series 48' Diagonal Inflatable Outdoor Theater for Drive-In - 67177

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Unique to the Drive-Up Series 3 package is a 48' diagonal wide inflatable projection screen and powerful 10,000 laser projector to deliver a bright image in either front or rear projection configurations.

Traditional drive-in movie theaters require dedicated land and permanently installed A/V equipment that must be safeguarded against theft and the elements. No more! Our drive-up packages allow for the traditional drive-in movie experience in a form-factor designed to be stowed away after use. An included FM transmitter and antenna allows your audience to stay in their vehicles and hear the movie via their own speakers. Alternatively, the included pair of powerful PA speakers provide redundancy and allow for standard outdoor use. Our larger-than-life inflatable projection screens meet the screen size needs demanded by an audience in cars or otherwise socially distancing.

When it's time to go home, stow your equipment in the provided rugged cases. All A/V equipment possible to rackmount has been pre-wired and built into a rugged ATA rackmount tower on casters for easy transport and deployment. All cabling and equipment required to host an outdoor movie event have been included. Extras include illuminated power cables, a wireless microphone for public address, and a blower motor muffler to reduce screen noise.

Not sure what to get? Focused Technology is dedicated to ensuring that you get the right projector screen for your needs! Please call 1-888-686-0551 for help from one of our projector screen experts, or check out the following table below:

PackageFrame StyleImage DiagonalCrowd Size
StarlightRigid aluminum folding-frame10' - 15'50-150
SilverInflatable frame with continuous blower11.5'75-125
GoldInflatable frame with continuous blower15'125-150
PlatinumInflatable frame with continuous blower19.5275-350
Event/Pro SeriesInflatable frame with continuous blower19.5' - 23'275-450
Silent SeriesSealed inflatable frame, no continuous blower10.3' - 23'50-450
Silver 4KInflatable frame with continuous blower11.575-125
Drive-Up SeriesBoth sealed-frame and continuous-blower options available31' - 48.2'1000-5000