Tripod Portable Projection Screens

Tripod Portable Projection ScreensWe offer tripod screens from Draper, Da-Lite, Accuscreen and others. Multiple sizes are available. Carpeted tripod screens are useful for heavy use applications.

Epson Duet Ultra Portable Projector Screen
The first ultra portable projection screen to offer both standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) formats in one screen.
Now only: $169.00
Elite Screens Tripod
Affordable tripod projection screens
Elite Screens Tripod B
Tripod projection screens with telescoping height settings
Elite Screens Tripod Lite Wall
Tripod screen that can be removed and used as wall-mounted screen
Elite Screens Tripod Pro
Tripod screen with velour surface
Elite Screens Tripod Tab-Tension
Tripod screen with tab-tensioning system and drape kit
Elite Screens Yard Master Sport
Ultra lightweight dual Tripod/Wall Hanging Screen
Draper Diplomat/R Carpeted Case Series Screens
Heavy-duty tripod screen. Carpeted case for additional durability.