Projector Ceiling Mounts, Short Throw Wall Mount Arms, Motorized Lifts

Projector Ceiling Mounts, Short Throw Wall Mount Arms, Motorized LiftsFocused Technology carries ceiling mounts, short throw mounts, wall mount arms, and motorized lifts from Chief, Premier, Peerless, and Draper. Start by selecting the type of projector mount you need and please contact us at 1-888-686-0551 if you need assistance finding the right mount for you.

Traditional Drywall / Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mounts
Designed to mount directly to drywall and/or studs on a flat or a vaulted ceiling with an optional adapter. Most traditional mounts can be connected to a 1.5" pipe. Optional false ceiling adapters also available for most mounts.
Complete False Ceiling Projector Mount Bundles
False (tiled) ceilings require a special mounting adapter to support the weight of the projector above the tile. These complete false ceiling projector mount bundles include all of the hardware you need for your installation to replace a standard ceiling tile or attach above the tile for support.
Wall Arm Mounts for Short Throw Projectors
Wall arm mounts are designed for the latest short throw projectors used for interactive white boards. With 360 degree rotation, wall mounted projector mounts can also be used in applications where a ceiling mount is not possible or desired.
Motorized Projector Mounts / Lifts
Motorized projector mounts and motorized projector lifts can be used to completely conceal your projector when not in use or drop the projector from a high ceiling to the optimal mounting position.
Ceiling Plates / Pipes / Adapters
Our selection of ceiling plates, pipes and adapters are designed to allow projectors to be installed onto a ceiling, pipe or truss systems.