Exterior Roller Shades

Draper Exterior Motorized FlexShade®
With the touch of a wall switch or remote, the Exterior Motorized FlexShade® window shade provides ease of use in outdoor solar control.
Draper Exterior Crank-Operated FlexShade®
Maximum outdoor solar control, the Exterior Crank-Operated FlexShade® window shade securely limits shade access.
Draper Exterior Clutch-Operated FlexShade®
Solar control of harsh sunlight in outdoor spaces, the Exterior Clutch-Operated FlexShade® window shade can make those spaces more productive.
Draper FlexShade® ZIP
For shadin in outdoor covered areas, the FlexShade® ZIP shading system provides additional protection from wind and insects.
Draper FlexShade® ZIP XL
Our largest ZIP, the FlexShade® ZIP XL features an integrated cradle support system to allow for greater width with minimum deflection.