Da-Lite Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol Projection Screen

Da-Lite Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol Projection Screen

Designed to eliminate the extra step of finishing the screen with trim, the Advantage line of projection screens is designed with ceiling trim already in place. Once the screen is installed, the screen’s trim conceals the rough opening eliminating the need to complete additional trim work.

Sliding installation brackets make it easy to attach the screen housing to the structure above the drop ceiling.

Tensioned screens ensure the smoothest surface possible, and all Deluxe screens feature a closure door that hides the open space and screen in the ceiling, providing a cleaner aesthetic.

The Tensioned Advantage® Deluxe Electrol® screen features simple in ceiling installation that can be done in two stages. The screen case can be installed during the rough-in construction stage and the fabric assembly can be completed during the finishing stage.

Key Features
  • Standard Low Voltage Control (LVC) to keep your screen operation flexible
  • Smooth Roll Technology to keep your screen perfectly flat
  • Slim-Tab, a lower profile and stronger tab design to keep your screen perfectly taut
  • Tensioning Cable System to prevent warping and ensure even lateral tension
  • UL Plenum rated case
  • White powder-coated closure doors and case for a clean aesthetic
  • Available with SCB-100 and SCB-200 (RS-232 serial control board) or Video Projector Interface (screen trigger) built into the case
  • Decora-style, three-button wall switch
  • Standard black backing retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces
  • Seamless surfaces in all models

Please select desired size and viewing surface from the table below to view the price and more information about the product. Clicking on the viewing surfaces shown in the table will open a new tab further explaining the surface.

Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol
HD Pro 0.6HD Pro 0.9HD Pro 1.1HD Pro 1.3Da-MatHC Da-MatPearlescentCinema VisionHC Cinema VisionHC Cinema PerfHD Pro 1.1 PerfDa-Tex (Rear)Dual Vision
45" x 80"38771387723914624849882798828088281882828992991466203258828488285
52" x 92"38773387743914724850882868828788288882898993091467203268829188292
54" x 96"38775387763914824851942209422194222942239422494225203279422894229
58" x 104"38777387783914924852882938829488295882968993191468203288829888299
65" x 116"38779387803915024853883008830188302883038993291469203298830588306
78" x 139"38781387823915124854883078830888309883108993393052203308831188312
90" x 160"38783387843915224855351803518135182351833518435185203313518835189
50" x 80"---217612176224856345843458534586345873458834589---3459234593
57.5" x 92"---217632176424857700687006970070700717007270073---7007670077
60" x 96"---217652176624858345943459534596345973459834599---3460234603
65" x 104"---217672176824859208332083420835208362083720838---2084120842
69" x 110"---217692177024860346043460534606346073460834609---3461234613
72.5" x 116"---217712177224861700787007970080700817008270083---7008670087
87" x 139"---217732177424862346143461534616346173461834619---3462234623
100" x 160"---2177521776248637008870089700907009170092------7009370094
43" x 57"------------882338823488235882368992291462---8823888239
50" x 67"------------882408824188242882438992391463---8824588246
60" x 80"------------882478824888249882508992491464---8825288253
69" x 92"------------882548825588256882578992591465---8825988260
87" x 116"------------882618826288263882648992693049---8826588266
108" x 144"------------8826788268882698827089927------8827188272
120" x 160"------------8827388274882758827689928------8827788278
50" x 50"------------8816788168881698817089911------8817188172
60" x 60"------------8817388174881758817689912------8817788178
70" x 70"------------8817988180881818818289913------8818388184
84" x 84"------------8818588186881878818889914------8818988190
6' x 8'------------8819188192881938819489915------8819588196
8' x 8'------------8819788198881998820089916------8820188202
7' x 9'------------8820388204882058820689917------8820788208
9' x 9'------------8820988210882118821289918------8821388214
8' x 10'------------8821588216882178821889919------8821988220
10' x 10'------------8822188222882238822489920------8822588226
9' x 12'------------8822788228882298823089921------8823188232
12' x 12'------------3402934030340313403234033------3403434035