Da-Lite ViewShare Advantage Electrol Projection Screen

Da-Lite ViewShare Advantage Electrol Projection Screen

The ViewShare™ Advantage® Electrol® integrates an HD camera into the screen, and is compatible with any free peer-to-peer video conferencing software. It features a USB connection to ensure ease of use.

Designed to eliminate the extra step of finishing the screen with trim, the Advantage line of projection screens is designed with ceiling trim already in place. Once the screen is installed, the screen’s trim conceals the rough opening eliminating the need to complete additional trim work.

Sliding installation brackets make it easy to attach the screen housing to the structure above the drop ceiling.

The ViewShare Advantage features simple ceiling-tile installation that can be done in two stages. The screen case can be installed during the rough-in construction stage and the fabric assembly can be completed during the finishing stage.

Key Features
  • HD camera integrated into the screen
  • Easy USB plug and play connectivity
  • Compatible with any free peer to peer software such as Lync or Skype
  • Standard Silent Drive System to keep your screen whisper quiet
  • Standard Low Voltage Control (LVC) to keep your screen operation flexible
  • Simple Installation with a new installation kit and user-friendly packaging to keep you on schedule
  • Support includes a comprehensive five-year warranty on the screen and a comprehensive three-year warranty on the HD camera
  • White powder-coated case for a clean aesthetic
  • UL Plenum rated case
  • Standard black backing retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces
  • Available with SCB-100 and SCB-200 (RS-232 serial control board) or Video Projector Interface (screen trigger) built into the case
  • Decora-style, three-button wall switch
  • Seamless surfaces

Please select desired size and viewing surface from the table below to view the price and more information about the product. Clicking on the viewing surfaces shown in the table will open a new tab further explaining the surface.

ViewShare Advantage Electrol
Matte WhiteHC Matte WhiteVideo Spectra 1.5
45" x 80"24079LS24080LS24081LS
52" x 92"24083LS24084LS24085LS
54" x 96"24087LS24088LS24089LS
58" x 104"24091LS24092LS24093LS
65" x 116"24095LS24096LS24097LS
50" x 80"24099LS24100LS24101LS
57.5" x 92"24103LS24104LS24105LS
60" x 96"24107LS24108LS24109LS
65" x 104"24111LS24112LS24113LS
69" x 110"24115LS24116LS24117LS
72.5" x 116"24119LS24120LS24121LS