Draper Clarion, 106", HDTV, CineFlex CH1200V - 252017CB

Draper Clarion, 106", HDTV, CineFlex CH1200V - 252017CB

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This Clarion screen has a viewing area of 52" x 92", for a 106" diagonal measurement. The 16:9 aspect ratio is ideal for modern HD content and everyday use. Uses Draper's CineFlex CH1200V projection surface.

About CineFlex CH1200V Fabric:

CineFlex CH1200V (formerly CineFlex)

CineFlex CH1200V
Controlled Viewing Cone/High Contrast/On-Axis Gain of 1.2

Neutral grey rear projection diffusing surface. Provides high resolution and excellent contrast, even in lighted rooms. Recommended for use with low to medium output projectors. Moderate viewing cone.

The Clarion's aluminum frame forms an attractive 2" (5cm) border, for a clean, theatre-like appearance.