Da-Lite Tensioned Professional Electrol Projection Screen

Da-Lite Tensioned Professional Electrol Projection Screen

For larger venue installs, the Tensioned Professional Electrol® is a tensioned screen that can be ceiling recessed, wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The screen features a wooden housing with adjustable brackets that can be used in any type of installation.

Available in sizes up to 21’8” wide

The Tensioned Professional Electrol does not include the ceiling trim flange or painted automatic closure door. See Tensioned Large Advantage Electrol for easy installation or Tensioned Large Advantage Deluxe Electrol for easy installation and the aesthetic of the white automatic closure door.

Key Features
  • Slim-Tab, a lower profile and stronger tab design to keep your screen perfectly taut
  • Smooth Roll Technology to keep your screen perfectly flat
  • Tensioning Cable System to prevent warping and ensure even lateral tension
  • Three-position, Decora-style switch
  • Standard black backing retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces
  • Black painted case
  • Seamless surfaces in all models

Please select desired size and viewing surface from the table below to view the price and more information about the product. Clicking on the viewing surfaces shown in the table will open a new tab further explaining the surface.

Tensioned Professional Electrol
Da-MatHC Da-MatPearlescentCinema VisionHC Cinema VisionDa-Tex (Rear)Dual Vision
92" x 164"99925999269992799928999299993099931
108" x 192"99932999339993499935999369993799938
121" x 216"35263352643526535266352673526835269
135" x 240"35270352713527235273352743527535276
146" x 260"35277352783527935280352813528235283
108" x 144"99890998919989299893998949989599896
120" x 160"99897998989989999900999019990299903
126" x 168"99904999059990699907999089990999910
132" x 176"99911999129991399914999159991699917
144" x 192"99918999199992099921999229992399924
162" x 216"35256352573525835259352603526135262
9' x 12'99939999409994199942999439994499945
12' x 12'99946999479994899949999509995199952
10'6" x 14'99953999549995599956999579995899959
14' x 14'99960999619996299963999649996599966
12' x 16'99967999689996999970999719997299973