Williams AV FM System - PFM PRO RCH

Williams AV FM System - PFM PRO RCH

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Rechargeable Personal FM System

The Rechargeable Personal FM System PFM PRO RCH kit delivers superior audio directly to the ear, enhancing sound at home, work, or school anywhere background noise or distance from the source makes listening difficult. This system uses rechargeable batteries.

The T46 transmitter can broadcast on 17 selectable channels on the 72-76 MHz band, and has an operating range of up to 150 feet. The listener uses a PPA R37 receiver that works with a variety of earphones and headphone options. The receiver is also compatible with neckloops (not included with system) for connecting to Telecoil-equipped hearing aids. The transmitter, receiver, microphone, earphones and headphones are provided in a convenient carrying case.

Key Features
  • 17 selectable channels 72-76 MHz
  • Auxiliary input broadcast any audio source
  • FM signal, compression, mute control
  • Improves listening for individuals or groups


EAR 041
StyleSingle, in-ear, isolation earphone
Plug3.5mm mono
Driver Size10 mm
Nominal Impedance16?
Freq. Response20 - 20kHz
Max Power Input5 mW
Sensitivity104 dB @ 1kHz
Replacement Silicone TipEAR 043 (0ne pair)
HED 021
StyleMono, folding headphone
Plug3.5mm mono
Driver Size30 mm
Nominal Impedance32?
Freq. Response20 - 20kHz
Max Power Input100 mW
Sensitivity110 dB @ 1kHz
Replacement PadsHED 023 (one pair)
MIC 090
Pick-Up PatternOmni-directional
Phantom PoweredNo
Impedance1.5 k?
Frequency Response20 Hz 18 kHz
Dynamic Range79 dB
Sensitivity-56 3 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio63 dB
Plug3.5 mm, right-angle
Cord Length39
Weight0.05 lbs
Replacement WindscreenWND 006
Replacement ClipCLP 090
Warranty90 days