Mitsubishi X200 Replacement Lamp - VLT-X200LP

Mitsubishi  X200 Replacement Lamp - VLT-X200LP

Mitsubishi is no longer manufacturing projectors or projector lamps. Please search our site for the OEM equivalent version of this lamp. Most of our Mitsubishi equivalent lamps use the exact same lamp that Mitsubishi used in their assemblies.

About OEM Equivalent lamps:

Pairing your projector with a high-quality replacement lamp is essential to enjoyable and safe projector use. While many cheaper bulbs can be found on the market today, these generic lamps are usually poor quality, burning out within hours and often exploding inside the projector. Focused Technology's OEM equivalent lamps use bulbs manufactured by the same companies who produced the bulb for the manufacturer; only the bulb housing is made by a third party. These bulbs are rated for the same brightness and lamp life as the originals, and carry the same warranty as the bulb provided by the manufacturer.

Mitsubishi X200 Replacement Lamp - VLT-X200LP

Compatible with the following projector models: Mitsubishi X200.