Stewart Filmscreen 60" x 107" Fixed Frame WallScreen Deluxe Series Screen - WSDQ123HST13G4EZX

Stewart Filmscreen 60" x 107" Fixed Frame WallScreen Deluxe Series Screen - WSDQ123HST13G4EZX

Part Number: WSDQ123HST13G4EZX
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This WallScreen Deluxe series screen measures 60" x 107" wide for a 123" diagonal. 16:9 Aspect ratio is ideal for modern HD content and everyday use. Uses StudioTek 130 G4 fabric.

StudioTek 130 G4

Studio Tek 130 G4
Gain: 1.3 | Max size: 8'6" x 120'

Recently reformulated StudioTek 130 G4, is a flexible, front projection screen material that now has less sparkle and offers amazing high dynamic range (HDR) of luminosity. This screen material also provides optimized white field uniformity unmatched by competing gain screens. StudioTek 130 G4 is thirty percent brighter than a matte white screen surface. Featuring a fourth generation, proprietary optical coating, this screen material allows for crisp, sharp focusing of content as well as superb color and outstanding, white field uniformity. Certified by THX, StudioTek 130 G4 is the reference standard projection material within the AV industry.

Stewart Filmscreen takes snap screens seriously and gets the details correct

Three different framing solutions, each tailored to a specific application, are available on our snap mounted screens. All frames are built using high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum and are hand finished with a rich, velvet Velux overlay. Our snap system is designed to perfectly align our 16K+ front or rear projection fabrics with the frame so installation is quick and easy. Image widths can vary depending on height, but all WallScreens can readily go to 19 feet 5 inches in image width.

When it comes to quality, this screen has no competition

It seems that every screen manufacturer makes a snap screen, but none take snap screens to the next-level like Stewart. We start with the best raw materials and handcraft each screen into an amazing experience that will, in most cases, last the lifetime of the building. Our family name is on every screen. We proudly stand behind each and every product we make.

WallScreen Deluxe, our most popular fixed frame

WallScreen Deluxe is often imitated, but never equaled. The 1 by 3 inch profile is engineered to excel in its primary function perfect image surface support. The frame is ideal for absorption of stray projection light overscan and also provides a crisp, sharp edge to give the images on the screen their full due. Countless customers praise the thoughtful packaging of this screen for its intuitive and straightforward assembly, excellent bracketing for mounting, and for its exemplary fit and finish.