Infocus Projector Replacement Lamp - SP-LAMP-092

Infocus Projector Replacement Lamp - SP-LAMP-092

Part Number: SP-LAMP-092
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InFocus Projector Replacement Lamp - SP-LAMP-092

Compatible with InFocus IN3134a, IN3136a, IN3138HDa projectors.


Helpful Tips for Lamp Care and Handling
  • Never touch the bare glass with your hands. Moisture and oils from your fingers may damage the bulb

  • Always use a clean, non-abrasive material to handle the projector lamp

  • If your projector has a filter, be sure to clean or replace it when you put in your new lamp

  • Some projectors have a lamp timer that will need to be reset once you put your new lamp in

  • Lamps often contain mercury, so be sure to dispose of them properly