Hall Research 4 Port Programmable RS-232 I/O Controller with IR Learn - HR-4P

Hall Research 4 Port Programmable RS-232 I/O Controller with IR Learn - HR-4P

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Programmable RS-232, IR, and I/O Controller

The Model HR-4P is a programmable RS-232 device designed for control & automation of a Projector, LCD, or any other device with serial or IR port.

The unit has 4 configurable I/O lines that can be defined individually to act as input or output. When configured as input, they sense contact closures or Voltage levels (user defined as pull-up or pull-down). Upon detecting "Low-to-High" or "High-to-Low" transitions the unit can issue programmed Serial RS-232 Commands, as well as IR commands for controlling infrared equipped devices. When configured as output, the I/O pin can be commanded to short to ground (open collector and high voltage open circuit tolerant) perfect for controlling external relays.

The unit can also control devices that do not have RS-232 port by converting RS-232 commands (or contact closure external switch inputs) to IR commands. If the IR command standard (e.g. NEC, RC5, SONY, JVC) and strings are known, simply program them. If not, the unit has the ability to learn the IR codes (even for non-standard formats) and play them back (requires optional IR detector cable).

A powerful free Windows® based application (available for download below) is used to easily create complex control sequences that describe the desired actions and to then upload them into the HR-4P, via a user supplied Null Modem RS232 cable. The information is stored in non-volatile EEPROM in the HR-4P. The uploaded information can be extracted from the HR-4P, saved or modified as needed. The HR-4P has the ability to store up to 10 different serial command strings (each of the 4 I/O pins can store 2 commands for hi-lo and/or lo/hi transitions, plus two commands for handshake line of RS-232). The unit can also learn up to 32 different IR remote control codes for later playback.

Compatible Accessories:
  • CIR-EMT - IR Emitter
  • CIR-DET-D2 - IR Receiver
Key Features
  • 4 user definable I/O screw terminals
  • 10 user-programmable command strings
  • IR Connector for optional detector or emitter
  • 32 user-programmable IR memory
  • User configuration for up to 4 Inputs, 4 outputs or any combination
  • Optional IR remote control learn and playback


Power Supply:5V/2.6A DC (CE/FCC/UL certified) 2.1mm
Dimensions:2.607 inch (W) x 2.647 inch (D) x 1.10 inch (H)
(66.22mm) x (67.22mm) x (28mm)
Shipping Weight:1 Lb (0.453kg)
Chassis:Black Plastic ABS-94VO
UL File#56070
Operating Temp:32 to 122 DegF (0 to 50 DegC)