Hall Research HDMI and USB Extension on CAT6 with Audio, Integrated Control and IP - EX-HDU-IP

Hall Research HDMI and USB Extension on CAT6 with Audio, Integrated Control and IP - EX-HDU-IP

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HDMI and USB Extension on CAT6 with Audio, Integrated Control and IP

The EX-HDU is used to extend HDMI video and USB data on a single Cat6 cable up to 150 ft (46 meters). HDMI audio is extracted and is provided both as analog stereo and multi-channel digital. The EX-HDU can also be used to control other equipment by providing programmable contact closure I/O, RS-232 output, IR output, and optional LAN interface with internal WebGUI and IP control.

The EX-HDU extender consists of an EX-HDU-WP single-gang wall plate transmitter and an EX-HDU-R (or EX-HDU-R-IP) receiver. They connect using standard CAT5e/6 UTP cabling up to 150 feet (46 Meters) long.

The wall-plate Sender gets its power from the Receiver via the same UTP cable and does not need a separate power supply. For convenience, the wall plate features a USB hub with two USB ports for connection of USB devices. The plug-and-play extender is compatible with all PCs, MACs, and Android Tablets and does not require driver installation. Simply plug the PC's HDMI and USB ports to the sender and make them available at the remote receiver.

The Receiver provides HDMI video output, stereo audio output, 4 USB ports, IR output, and a terminal strip that has RS-232 output plus 4 programmable digital I/O ports. A mini-USB port is also provided for configuration upload from a PC for cases where the Receiver is used also as a control system.

Users can upload RS-232 commands to the EX-HDU to control other equipment such as turning a projector on and off. Commands can be triggered automatically by detecting video, or manually via the internal WebGUI, or by sensing open and close contact events on the I/O ports. For example, a simple toggle switch can be connected remotely to activate RS-232 commands for turning a projector on and off. The I/O ports can be configured to act as INPUTS or OUTPUTS. When an I/O port is configured as OUTPUT, it can trigger relays, for example to lower or raise a motorized projector screen.

Key Features
  • Extends HDMI + USB 2.0 to 150 ft (46 m) on one Cat 6 cable
  • Wall plate sender has 2-port hub for connection to USB devices to the host PC
  • Receiver provides HDMI, 4 USB ports, plus contact-closure I/O and RS-232 for display control
  • HDMI Audio Extracted output (L/R analog) on Receiver
  • Perfect for Interactive displays, Soft CODECs, and KVM extension
  • Wall plate does not require separate power supply


Video Standards:DVI (Single Link)
HDMI 1.4
HDCP 1.1
SIgnal Type:TMDS
(1) HDMI Input
(1) Type B USB Host PC Connection
(2) Type A USB hub port Extension
(1) HDMI Output(4) Type A USB hub port Extension
(1) Mini-B USB for configuration
Resolutions:DVI - VGA (640x480) thru WUXGA (1920x1200)
HDTV - 480p thru 1080p60
(no interlaced support)
USB Standards:Compatible with USB 2.0 and all previous USB standards and data rates.
Audio Format:LPCM 2 Channel Audio (32-192kHz sample rate)
Power Supply:100 to 240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, External; 12VDC
Temperature/Humidity:Storage: -40 to +158 F (-40 to +70 C) / 10% to 90%, non-condensing
Operating: +32 to +122 F (0 to +50 C) / 10% to 90%, non-condensing
Enclosure:Metal (Steel)
Dimensions:EX-HDU-WP - 2.60" H x 1.30" W x 1.80" D (66mm H x 33mm W x 46mm D)
EX-HDU-R - 1.18" H x 4.13" W x 4.57" D (30mm H x 105mm W x 116mm D)
Depth includes mounting flanges
Weight:Model Only
EX-HDU-WP - 0.75 lb
EX-HDU-R - 1.20 lb
EX-HDU-WP - 1.25 lb
EX-HDU-R - 1.70 lb
EX-HDU-WP + EX-HDU-R - 2.50 lb
Vibration:ISTA 1A in carton (International Safe Transit Association)
MTBF:90,000 hours (Calculated Estimate)
Warranty:3 years parts and labor