Hitachi/Maxell Projectors

Hitachi/Maxell Projectors

The Maxell Group originally acquired the projector business of Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd. in July 2013. Since then, the Maxell Group has continued development and production of projectors under the Hitachi brand name and sold them worldwide. During that time, the quality, reliability and distinctive imaging and optical technologies featured by these projector products have been highly trusted and valued by customers in the market.

By building upon the established strengths of its proprietary projection and display technologies, Maxell, Ltd. expects its use of consistent design, production, and distribution network will ensure that Maxell brand projectors will be received enthusiastically by customers in each of the global regions it serves. Moreover, with its release of an increasingly robust lineup of highly advanced, maintenance-free Laser and LED light source projectors under the Maxell brand, Maxell, Ltd. believes its products will be among the most sought-after, trusted and respected digital projection solutions worldwide.

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Maxell MP-WU9101B Laser Projector - NO LENS
WUXGA, 10000 Lumens, 30000:1 Contrast, 61.7 lbs., 5 Year Warranty
Now only: $12,225.00
Maxell MC-WU5505 LCD Projector
WUXGA, 5200 Lumens, 10000:1 Contrast, 14 lbs., 3 Year Warranty
Now only: $1,495.00
Maxell MC-EW3551 LCD Projector
WXGA, 3800 Lumens, 20000:1 Contrast, 7.9 lbs., 3 Year Warranty
Now only: $599.00