Boxlight Projector Replacement Lamp - ECO-930

Boxlight Projector Replacement Lamp - ECO-930

Part Number: ECO-930
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Boxlight Projector Replacement Lamp - ECO-930

Compatible with the following models: Boxlight ECO X26N, ECO X30N, ECO WX32N, ECO X27NST, ECO X32NST, ECO WX32NST.

Unless otherwise specified, all original manufacturer projector replacement lamps sold by Focused Technology are brand new and come with the complete assembly (projector bulb and surrounding housing).

Be prepared! We recommend always carrying a spare projector lamp / bulb.


Helpful Tips for Lamp Care and Handling
  • Never touch the bare glass with your hands. Moisture and oils from your fingers may damage the bulb

  • Always use a clean, non-abrasive material to handle the projector lamp

  • If your projector has a filter, be sure to clean or replace it when you put in your new lamp

  • Some projectors have a lamp timer that will need to be reset once you put your new lamp in

  • Lamps often contain mercury, so be sure to dispose of them properly