Complete Dresskit for Draper FocalPoint with Case(s)

Complete Dresskit for Draper FocalPoint with Case(s)

Create a polished theatre-like presentation with a FocalPoint Dress Kit. Drapery curtains surround the viewing surface, pulling the audience’s focus to your presentation on the screen.

In addition to framing your presentation, dress kits can help hide projection equipment, shield projector light from the audience, and help hold back ambient light from entering the projection area.

Complete Dress Kit

A complete Dress Kit includes a 58" (173cm) high skirt, 14" (36cm) high valance, a pair of 30" (81cm) wide side drapes, and attachment hardware. An appropriate number of wheeled heavy-duty polyethylene carrying cases is standard.


Like the FocalPoint itself, the FocalPoint Dress Kit hardware is modular and universal for any size screen. Extendable 2-piece Drapery Bars easily attach to the sides of the frame to support the side drapes. Unique Valance Bars are evenly spaced across the top of the screen. Side drapes and valance all attach to the hardware with convenient built-in DuraLoops. The skirt utilizes DuraLoops™ on each end, in addition to magnetic connectors built into the skirt for surprisingly fast and easy attachment.

Focal Point Dress Kit with Case
I.F.R. Velour20oz Velour
50" x 80"387017387065
60" x 96"387018387066
75" x 120"387019387067
90" x 144"387020387068
105" x 168"387021387069
120" x 192"387022387070
135" x 216"387023387071
150" x 240"387024387072
45" x 80"387009387057
54" x 96"387010387058
67.5" x 120"387011387059
81" x 144"387012387060
94.5" x 168"387013387061
108" x 192"387014387062
121.5" x 216"387015387063
135" x 240"387016387064
60" x 80"387001387049
72" x 96"387002387050
90" x 120"387003387051
108" x 144"387004387052
126" x 168"387005387053
144" x 192"387006387054
162" x 216"387007387055
180" x 240"387008387056