Draper Profile+, 106", HDTV, ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V - 254202SC

Draper Profile+, 106", HDTV, ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V - 254202SC

Part Number: 254202SC
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This Profile+ screen has a viewing area of 52" x 92", for a 106" diagonal measurement. The 16:9 aspect ratio is ideal for modern HD content and everyday use. Uses Draper's ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V projection surface.

About ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V Fabric:

ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V

ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V
Extra Wide Viewing Cone/Typical Contrast/Recommended Viewing Cone 180

An acoustically-transparent surface, full 180 viewing cone, and accurate color reproduction makes the ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V ideal for home theaters. NanoPerf refers to microscopic perforation patterns in a projection screen that allow sound to travel from speakers behind the screen to ensure a quality cinematic experience. Acoustically-transparent NanoPerf is ideal when viewers are at least 10 (305 cm) from the screen.

Wall-mounted ultra-thin bezel projection screen accomodating sizes up to 30' wide.