Draper Cineperm, 161", HDTV, CineFlex White XT700V - 250025CD

Draper Cineperm, 161", HDTV, CineFlex White XT700V - 250025CD

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This Cineperm screen has a viewing area of 79" x 140", for a 161" diagonal measurement. The 16:9 aspect ratio is ideal for modern HD content and everyday use. Uses Draper's CineFlex White XT700V projection surface.

About CineFlex White XT700V Fabric:

CineFlex White XT700V

CineFlex White XT700V
Extra Wide Viewing Cone/Typical Contrast/On-Axis Gain of 0.7

The CineFlex White XT700V white rear projection surface works well for edge matching or blending and short throw rear projection applications. A reasonable control of ambient light is recommended. Surface has a broad viewing cone and high resolution. Typically used as a rear projection surface, it can be used in dual or low gain front projection applications. This is a foldable viewing surface that can be used on folded, fixed, or roller-operated screens.

Affordable wall-mounted fixed frame projection screen with snap-on screen surface.