Casio Projectors

Casio Projectors
CASIO projectors operate up to 20,000 hours without lamp replacement. Developed by CASIO, the mercury-free hybrid laser & LED light source combines a strong illuminative performance of up to 3,500 lumens with an extremely long life time of up to 20,000 hours! This means: 10,000 2-hour presentations or 15 years of presentations of 6 hours per day on 220 days a year!

Since Casio Hybrid LED-Laser Light Source Projectors are mercury-free, you are free from concerns of proper disposal of used lamps and eliminating mercury pollution. In addition, you can avoid mercury contamination caused by a broken mercury lamp and make your home, classroom, and work environments safer too.

Casio XJ-L8300HN Laser Projector
4K, 5000 Lumens, 20000:1 Contrast, 43.7 lbs., 3 Year Warranty
Now only: $5,399.00