Cables To Go Rapid Run

Cables To Go Rapid RunRapidRun is a modular cable system that consists of a runner cable and a selection of flying leads (connectors). Designed to evolve with the components of your installation you only have to replace the connectors, not the cable!

So simple. You install a runner cable that you can pull through the wall, and then connect with source and display terminations on each end of the runner. The source’s audio/video signal travels through the runner and displays on the display monitor or screen.

Versatility – For analog video, choose any source signal: component video, composite video, s-video, or VGA with/without audio, etc. and then choose any display termination: component video, composite video, s-video, or VGA with/without audio, etc. – and they can be different for each termination! For digital video, choose HDMI or DVI at either OR both ends – for transmission up to 100 feet!

Save Time and Money – A Florida school district needed to QUICKLY install video projectors and multimedia equipment for 900 – 1,000 large classrooms. They slashed installation time by 75% - from 2 hours per classroom to 30 minutes!

Change Terminations in 1 Minute – One installer set up RapidRun for several classrooms only to be told to change the display terminations to match the new projectors the school district had bought. In just a few minutes, the classrooms were re-configured WITHOUT having to rip out wire!

Use RapidRun behind the walls of your classrooms, conference rooms, home theaters, hospital/doctor rooms, auditoriums, restaurants, digital signage, houses of worship, yachts, etc. – endless possibilities!

Product Data Sheet

About different RapidRun Standards

PC Format / Multi-format

In 2010, Cables to Go introduced the Multi-format standard of RapidRun as an improvement to the PC Format. Multi-Format and PC flying leads and runner cables ARE cross-compatible with each other through the use of adapters. Due to improvements in shielding and cable construction, Focused Technology recommends using Multi-Format rather than PC for new RapidRun installations.

Digital/Optical Format

Cables to Go has discontinued their Digital RapidRun line and ceased production of new flying leads and runners within that line. Digital has been replaced by the Optical line, which can carry the same signals as Digital over far greater distances. Focused Technology will continue to list products within the Digital line until no further stock is available in order to support existing Digital RapidRun installations, but strongly recommends using the optical line for any new RapidRun installations that need to carry digital video signals.

RapidRun Multimedia
Composite, Component, RGBHV, S-Video, RCA Digital Audio, & Stereo Audio up to 150'
RapidRun PC
VGA, DVI, Composite, Component, RGBHV, & Stereo Audio up to 150'
RapidRun Multi-Format
VGA, DVI, Composite, Component, RGBHV, & Stereo Audio up to 150'