Barco Lens with  Throw Ratio - R9862020

Barco Lens with Throw Ratio - R9862020

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Barco Lens with Throw Ratio - R9862020
2.02 - 2.77:1Compatible projectors:
FLM HD14, FLM HD18, FLM HD20, FLM R20, FLM R22, Galaxy NW-12, Galaxy NW-12 EX, Galaxy NW-12 MK I, Galaxy NW-7, Galaxy NW-7 EX, Galaxy NW-7 MK I, HDF-W22, HDF-W26, HDF-W30 FLEX, HDF-W30LP FLEX, HDX-4K12, HDX-4K14, HDX-4K20 FLEX, HDX-W12, HDX-W14, HDX-W18, HDX-W20 FLEX, NW-12, RLM-W12, RLM-W14, SLM G10 Performer, SLM G5 Performer, SLM R10 Performer, SLM R12 Performer, SLM R9 Performer, UDX-4K22, UDX-4K26, UDX-4K32, UDX-4K40, UDX-U32, UDX-U40, UDX-W22, UDX-W26, UDX-W32, UDX-W40

Please Note: Depending on the native aspect ratio of the projector being used with this lens, the throw ratio of the lens may vary slightly from what is listed above. Please check the specification sheet of the projector being used or contact our sales team at 1-888-686-0551 to ensure this lens will meet your needs.