OEM Equivalent Lamp for Sony VPL-PX10 - LMP-P202

OEM Equivalent Lamp for Sony VPL-PX10 - LMP-P202

Part Number: LMP-P202
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OEM equivalent lamp LMP-P202 for use with Sony VPL-PX10. Uses genuine Phillips bulb inside.

Don't get burned by your next equivalent lamp purchase!

We all know that projector lamps are expensive, and often equivalent lamps can be found online at unbelievably low prices. Unfortunately, the bulbs in these lamps are too often manufactured by disreputable bulb manufacturers and either underperform or fail early, sometimes explosively! That's why at Focused Technology, we only use equivalent lamps with OEM bulbs inside. The bulbs in our equivalent lamps come from either Osram, Phillips, Ushio, or Phoenix, the same four bulb manufacturers that manufacture the bulbs that go in the originals. That means our equivalent lamps are rated for the same brightness and burn times as the originals.

We stand by our product

In today's age of come-and-go online retailers, we know it's sometimes hard to find a seller you trust. That's why Focused Technology offers a 180-day lamp warranty on all our equivalent lamps. In many cases that's a longer warranty than what's offered by the OEM! Make a purchase today and rest easy knowing you're protected buying equivalent lamps from Focused Technology.


Helpful Tips for Lamp Care and Handling
  • Never touch the bare glass with your hands. Moisture and oils from your fingers may damage the bulb
  • Always use a clean, non-abrasive material to handle the projector lamp
  • If your projector has a filter, be sure to clean or replace it when you put in your new lamp
  • Some projectors have a lamp timer that will need to be reset once you put your new lamp in
  • Lamps often contain mercury, so be sure to dispose of them properly