Soundcraft / Spirit MH2 40 Channel Console - 40 Mono, 4 Stereo, 10 Aux, 8 Groups, 4 Matrix - RW5716SM

Soundcraft / Spirit MH2 40 Channel Console - 40 Mono, 4 Stereo, 10 Aux, 8 Groups, 4 Matrix - RW5716SM

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Soundcraft / Spirit MH2 40 Channel Console - 40 Mono, 4 Stereo, 10 Aux, 8 Groups, 4 Matrix

The MH2 from Soundcraft was designed to give engineers and venues total flexibility and world-class sound quality at a very reasonable price tag. The MH2 is truly a dual-purpose mixer. It's been designed to be used as a front of house console, and as fully capable monitor mixer.

It comes with an internal power supply, and features an additional input for using an external power supply. The internal power supply will appeal to anyone who has ever arrived at a location to do sound, only to discover that their external power supply was not in the truck. The power supplies can be daisy-chained and will seamlessly switch without interruption in the event of a failure. The internal power supply was designed to be easily serviceable.

Packed with 10 auxiliary sends, 8 groups, and 4 matrix outputs, the MH2 features an arsenal of routing options. Buttons for grouping and options for the auxiliary mix are thoughtfully placed on every channel, making involved mixes easier to execute. Simplifying ease of use has always been important to the designers at Soundcraft, and they've had over 30 years to fine tune their ideas. Another tradition at Soundcraft is providing excellent sound quality, and a responsive and musical "British" EQ section.

The dedication to sound quality starts at the input stage. The preamps on the MH2 are the same ones found on the MH3 and MH4. The elegant circuitry provides 50dB of headroom with a -20dB pad on every channel. Peak LED lights are provided that alert you of any signals that may be overloading at the input stage or post EQ.

There are separate balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS line inputs on all 32 channels, as well as separate balanced 1/4" TRS jacks for sending and receiving inserts. This way the integrity of your signal stays balanced throughout the entire chain when inserting hardware to control dynamics, and not degrading on unbalanced y-cables.

From the solid input stage the signal is sent to a 4-band EQ section with sweeps on every band. This is the responsive and musical "British" EQ that made Soundcraft famous. On the four stereo channels there are 4-band EQs with no sweeps.

After the EQ section you have the option of sending the signal to 10 auxiliary sends for stage monitor mixes, recording, subwoofers, etc. You can switch between Pre and Post fader for the first four pairs of sends. Auxes 9 & 10 can be switched into a stereo pair to accommodate in-ear monitors. Each channel features dedicated mute and solo buttons. The solo button can be activated remotely when assigned to one of the console's 8 VCA groups.

The Soundcraft MH2 will provide you with years of excellent performance. It's the perfect mixer for any situation that demands the highest quality of sound, construction, and flexibility, while still maintaining a competitively reasonable price.
  • 32 channel frame, 4 stereo channels, 10 aux sends, 8 groups, 4 matrix outputs, 8 VCA groups

  • Premium MH series mic preamps with 50dB of headroom and a -20dB pad on every channel

  • 4-band fully sweepable "British" EQ with highs, high-mids, low-mids, and lows

  • Internal and external redundant power supply options


Mic/Line Inputs 32

Stereo Line Inputs 4

AUX Sends 10 (9 & 10 can be switched to a stereo pair for an in-ear monitor send)

AUX Returns 10

Inserts TRS inserts on all 32 mono channels, all 10 aux, 4 stereo groups, and 3 on the master outputs (left, right, and center). All inserts are balanced 1/4" TRS.

2 Trk Master I/O XLR outputs for left, right, and center

Monitor Outputs 2 x XLR
1 x 1/4" headphone
50 to 600 Ohm headphones recommended

EQ Section 4-Band EQ with shelving sweep high and low frequency sections
Sweepable high-mid and low-mid bands
Low frequency range is 30Hz - 500Hz

Low mid frequency range is 75Hz - 1.3kHz High mid frequency range is 750Hz - 13kHz
High frequency range is 1.2kHz - 20kHz
+/- 15dB of cut or boost at any frequency
The Q on the two mid bands is fixed at 1.5

Effects None

Solo/Mute Solo and Mute buttons on every channel
Solo buttons can be activated remotely when assigned to a VCA group
Intercancel or additive soloing is available with or without input priority

Channel Level Control High-quality long-throw 100mm faders

Trim/Gain Control High headroom preamps with an excellent common-mode rejection ratio
XLR inputs have a gain range of +15dBu to +60dBu and handle signals up to +26dBu
A -20dB pad is provided on every channel
Peak LED's indicate signals over +18dBu for both the preamp and EQ output sections

Oscillator 63Hz to 10kHz, variable level

High-Pass Filter 30-400Hz, 12dB per octave

Phantom Power +48V button on every channel

Metering 12-segment LED bargraph metering for all inputs
12-segment LED bargraph metering for 8 fader controlled group outputs
12-segment LED bargraph metering for left, right, and center Aux 9 + 10 metered via left and right meters
Frequency Response +0/-1dB, 20Hz - 20kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio Mic Input E.I.N. -128dBu (150 Ohm source)
Mix output, no inputs routed, mix fader at 0dB = -90dBu

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) XLR in to mix out, all measurements at 0bBu
<0.03% at 1kHz
<0.03% at 10kHz

Power Consumption 300W max

Dimensions 59.4 x 10.2 x 30.1" (1509 x 256 x 753 mm)

Weight 176 lbs (80 kg)