Sennheiser Wired Tablestand for Gooseneck Microphones - MAT 153-S B

Sennheiser Wired Tablestand for Gooseneck Microphones - MAT 153-S B

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The MAT 153-S is a sturdy, wired table stand that provides a stable base for XLR-5 gooseneck microphones. It has a user-friendly microphone button with a two-color status display that provides quick visual feedback on whether the microphone is active or muted. The TTL logic output on the underside can be used to activate a camera or media control system. The model is available in black color.

Featuring a rugged housing, the functionally and unobtrusively designed MAT 153 provides a solid ground for gooseneck microphones with lighting ring.

  • MIC IN: XLR-5F
  • 3x terminal


LED light ring: red / green
ConnectorMic in: XLR-5F, Pin assignment: 1 = gnd, 2 = hot (+), 3 = cold (?), 4 = LED (?), 5 = LED (+)
ConnectorMic out: XLR-3M, Pin assignment: 1 = gnd, 2 = +, 3 = ?
ConnectorClip contact: Pin assignment: trigger signal at the logic connector: Logic in (external LED control), GND, Logic out (switch signal)
Weightapprox. 1,206 g
1526 g
Current consumption3.7 mA
Output voltageLogic out: high level output voltage > 2.4 V, low level output voltage < 0.4 V
Output voltageLogic in: high level input voltage > 2.0 V, low level input voltage < 0.8 V