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Pathogen Solutions Shoe Sanitizing Station

Pathogen Solutions Shoe Sanitizing Station

Part Number: Shoe-Sanitizer
Our Price: $22,542.00
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Control The Spread of Healthcare Associated Infections With Shoe Disinfection Technology

Kills Up to 99.999% of Pathogens in Seconds.

The Ozone + UVC Advantage

Ozone + UVC Light is 110 times more effective than UVC Light alone.

Our shoes gather and carry millions of pathogens. This is how deadly infections enter and spread into hospitals, nursing homes, and cleanrooms. Our Ozone + UVC shoe sanitizer has been proven to eliminate Coronavirus, MRSA, Cdiff, Ecoli, Candida Auris, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, and other similar pathogens.

Before Ozone + UVC
Model of pathogen spread in building without shoe sanitizer.
After Ozone + UVC
Model of pathogen spread in building with shoe sanitizers in use.

Our shoe sanitizing technology protects the perimeter and critical spaces, reducing the spread of infections (HAIS) and flattening the curve.

Infection Control You Can Count On. The Shoe Sole Sanitizer is a Powerful and Reliable 24/7 Visible Sign of Safety for Your Facility.

Our technology provides superior disinfection results quickly after implementation by continuously reducing your facility’s microbial load.

An example of how effective our technology has proven to be towards infection prevention can be seen at AdventHealth Connerton, an Acute Care Facility in Florida.

After just 6 months of implementing the PathO3Gen Solutions’ shoe sanitizer, AdventHealth saw a reduction of 34% in HAIs. Units were placed around the hospital and inside the cleanroom.

Jeffrey Miley, Pharm. D., CPh., Director of Pharmacy Services, AdventHealth, describes his experience with the the technology:

“To help improve our compliance with USP 797 and minimize the risk of pathogens contaminating our Clean room, we added to our department’s action plan your PathO3Gen Solutions Footwear Sanitizing Station. The stations are now part of our process that each employee uses prior to entering our clean room. Our last Air and Surface samples were negative for any growth in both rooms. We will continue to utilize the PathO3Gen Solutions Footwear Sanitizing Station in our Ante room because the more tools we have to minimize risk for our patients helps us provide safer patient care” Key Features
  • Works in 6-8 Seconds - Allowing you to seamlessly integrate the shoe sanitizer into your protocols without compromising efficacy.
  • Uses Ozone + UVC technology - Our patented technology yields superior disinfection rates. Where Ozone is the game-changer and results are over 110 times more powerful than UVC disinfection.
  • Up to 99.999% kill rates - The shoe sanitizer has a 3-5Log reduction with industry leading kill rates and 4.6 average log reductions in only 8 seconds.
  • NSF Laboratories Tested + UL Certified - Independently tested and verified results for guaranteed efficacy and safety.
  • Plug & Play functioning - Works right out of the box, giving you peace of mind with minimal effort.
  • Requires no additional staff - Allowing you to focus on what you do best, while our technology works for you 24/7.
  • Made in USA - Supporting our local economies and for dependable craftsmanship.