LG 55" Ceiling Mounted In-Glass OLED Wallpaper - 55EG5CD-C

LG 55" Ceiling Mounted In-Glass OLED Wallpaper - 55EG5CD-C

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55" Ceiling Mounted In-Glass OLED Wallpaper

In-Glass OLED Wallpaper has an innovative design, where two OLED panels are placed back-to-back, then embedded within a frame of tempered glass. Because the surrounding glass is transparent, the OLED display seems to be floating, adding a new dimension of consumer engagement and demanding attention in virtually any space. The two OLED screens are also able to play independent content, allowing you to use each razor thin panel to show off different branding or messaging on each side.

Glass Picture Effect - Because of the unique design, In-Glass OLED Wallpaper can give the impression that the on-screen images are floating and being projected by the surrounding glass itself, helping to elevate the customer experience.

Perfect Black - Limitless contrast and deepest black. Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce black. No light bleeding. Absolute black offers infinite contrast.

Amazing Color - Accurate & stable color reproduction. Self-lighting pixels bring colors to life with superb accuracy.

Perfect Viewing Screen, Wide viewing angle - LG OLED Signage delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angles.

Crisp, Clear Motion, Faster response time - LG OLED Signage provides a 5,000-times faster motion-picture response time, for perfectly clear images without blurring.

Perfect Design - With just two layers, the LG OLED Signage display is unbelievably lightweight and thin.

Dual-Sided OLED Experience - The OLED panels provide a dual-sided media experience, allowing for different materials to be shown on each side of the razor thin display.


Screen Size:55"
Resolution:1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness400 nit
Contrast Ratio:100000:1
Warranty:3 Year Limited
Spec Sheet:Product Data Sheet