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Hitachi LP-AW4001 Laser Projector

Hitachi LP-AW4001 Laser Projector

Part Number: LP-AW4001
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Introducing our new, highly innovative 3LCD ultra short throw laser projectors, combining our in-depth technical knowledge and market-leading expertise.

Our new range of ultra-short throw projectors are ideally suited for producing up to 130 images in limited spaces and are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of business people and educators. The projectors are easy to install and flexible to use allowing you to project onto any existing whiteboard, wall or table top.

Light weight, compact and environmentally friendly, our new generation of ultra-short throw projectors provide unparalleled image vibrancy and clarity all wrapped up in a sleek, stylish design.

For added peace of mind, our solid-state light source ultra-short throw projectors are backed by a generous 5 year / 20,000hrs (whichever comes first) warranty and are supported by our world-class service and support.

This new ultra-short through projector can reach up to 4,200 ANSI lumens by using our highly efficient optical engine, providing clarity on images even within very bright / light environments.

Key Features
  • WXGA Resolution, 4,200 Lumens
  • 500,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Laser Phosphor Light Source
  • 20,000 hours expected light source
  • New & improved wall mount (HASWM06) supports is 110
  • Achieve up to 130 image size (for example, by tabletop)
  • Wireless Network Option
  • 3LCD
  • 16 Watt Internal Speakers
  • HDMI x 2 (HDCP compliant, HDMI 1 shared with MHL)
  • 5 Year On Site Warranty

Detailed Specifications
Resolution:WXGA (1280 x 800)
Display Device:0.59" 3LCD
Brightness:4200 Lumens
Contrast Ratio:500000:1
Video Signals:NTSC, PAL, SECAM; Computer signals up to 1080p (1920x1080)
Aspect Ratio:16:10
Number of Colors:Full Color
Lamp:Laser Light Source
Typical Lamp Life:Up to 20,000 Hours
Lens:Fixed lens, 1.35x Digital Zoom
Throw Ratio:0.3:1
Image Size:60" - 130"
Throw Distance:16.1" - 35.6"
Keystone Correction:Horizontal/Vertical 5
Projection Methods:Ceiling, Tabletop, Rear
Inputs:HDMI x 2 (1x MHL compatible)
VGA x 2
Composite Video (RCA Yellow) x 1
3.5mm Stereo Audio x 2
RCA Audio (L/R) x 1
USB Type A x 2
USB Type B x 1
RJ45 x 1
RS232 x 1
Outputs:VGA x 1
3.5mm Mini Jack Audio x 1
Speaker:16W Mono
Audible Noise:34dB / 28dB (Normal / Eco)
Weight:16.8 lbs.
Dimensions:20.2" x 16.7" x 6.1"
Accessories:Power Cable (1.8m) x1, Computer Cable (2m) x1, Remote Control Unit x1, Concise User Manual x1, Security Label x1, Adapter Cover x1, Hook Metal x1, Screw x1, HDMI Cable Holder (x2), Cable Tie (large x1, medium x2, small x1), AA Batteries x2, Interactive Pen x2, Pen Tip x4, AAA Batteries x4
Remote Control:Remote Control Included with Batteries
Mfg Warranty:20,000 hours / 5 years (whichever comes first)
Product Data Sheet:Data Sheet Unavailable

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By Angel Camacho
Florida USA
May 28, 2019
Great and easy to set up
I buy this projector to use in a rear screen and work perfect, the remote control work in any position even in front and rear (I read some projectors in rear dont work because the IR window is in front of the projector) Very happy with this purchase :)
By Darren
Sarasota, FL
November 15, 2018
Hitachi LP-AW4001 Ultra Short Throw LCD Laser Projector - Projector Central
What the Hitachi LP-AW4001 is designed for:
It is ideal for:
Classrooms and conference rooms, particularly those that need both high brightness and an ultra short throw

It is also good for:
Digital signage in retail and museums

What the Hitachi LP-AW4001 gives you...
Aggressively priced compared with its direct competition

Laser-phosphor light source; 4,200 ANSI lumens

Ultra short throw

3LCD design guarantees no rainbow artifacts

Image size from 60" to 130"

500,000:1 Contrast ratio (Dynamic Black on)

50,000-hour light source in Long Life 2 mode

Motorized focus

Horizontal/vertical keystone; four-corner correction; horizontal and vertical pincushion/barrel distortion correction

High Dynamic Contrast Range setting: improves shadow detail and overall perceived contrast, and enhances color saturation for rooms with bright ambient light

Accentualizer video processing enhances sharpness, gloss, and shade

Virtually maintenance free; filter rated at 20,000 hours or more

Light weight: only 16.8 pounds

3-year warranty; 3-years/10,000 hours for light source

Send presentations and display websites from PCs or iOS/Android devices over LAN; manage, control, and broadcast text and audio alerts to multiple projectors from PCs

Optional Wi-Fi dongle ($124.95)

Connection Panel Inputs

(2) HDMI, 1 with MHL
(2) VGA/component in, 1 switchable to monitor out
(1) Composite video
(1) Stereo audio in with RCA connectors
(2) 3.5mm stereo audio in
(1) 3.5mm stereo audio out
(1) RS-232 (control)
(1) LAN (control and images/audio over LAN)
(2) USB A (PC-free presentation, optional Wi-Fi dongle, power for 3rd-party HDMI dongle)
(1) USB B (USB display; mouse control)

Physical attributes. All connectors are on the side of the AW4001 closest to the screen, which we'll call the front. With the projector on a table, the ports are near the top and the power connector is near the bottom, just right of center as seen from the front. The security bar is at the bottom edge of the front, near the left side and just to the right of the Kensington lock slot. The intake vent is on the left side panel as viewed from the front. Exhaust vents cover nearly the entire right side panel, with an additional vent on the left side and one on the back. The window that serves for a lens is on top in a recessed notch near the rear of the projector. The speaker is on the front, facing away from the seating area.

Hitachi LP-AW4001 Performance
Brightness. The measurements for each color mode in Normal, Long Life 1, Long Life 2, and Whisper modes, via the HDMI input, are as follows. Note that Long Life 2 and Whisper run the laser source at the same power and share the same readings:

Hitachi LP-AW4001 ANSI Lumens
Long Life 1
Long Life 2/
Dicom Sim

Low Brightness Mode. Compared with Normal mode, Long Life 1 measured 77% as bright. Both Long Life 2 and Whisper modes measured 51% as bright. In addition, you can set the power level from 50 to 100 in increments of 1. At 50 the brightness is the same as for Long Life 2. At 75, it matches Long Life 1.

The power modes also affect the light-source life. Hitachi rates Normal and Whisper at 20,000 hours, Long Life 1 at 30,000 hours, and Long Life 2 at an astounding 50,000 hours.

Presentation Optimized Lumens. The best balance of brightness and color accuracy for business presentations requires adjustments to Gamma and Color Temp settings, which are available only in the three User modes. With optimized settings for presentations, the test unit measured 3,097 lumens €” enough to light up even a 1.0-gain 16:10 screen in moderately bright ambient light at Hitachi's recommend maximum 130" diagonal image size.

For brighter rooms, all of the color presets deliver more than acceptable color with default settings. As with most projectors' brightest modes, Dynamic has a green bias. But it is so slight that it showed only in one photo we use for testing precisely because it shows a green bias easily. Colors are a touch lacking in saturation, which can give them a pastel look. However, they are vibrant and attractive overall, making Dynamic highly usable when its high brightness is required.

Standard and Whiteboard modes are similar to Dynamic, with colors a little more saturated. Cinema is a little red shifted. Natural delivers nicely saturated color, but at lower brightness than our optimized settings.

Video Optimized Lumens. The optimized settings for video and film also requires tuning Gamma and Color Temp, primarily for still more accurate color. The measured 2,210 lumens is bright enough in moderately bright ambient light for a 120" image using a 1.0-gain screen or a 130" image using a 1.2-gain screen.

Brightness Uniformity. Maintaining uniform brightness across the entire image is a challenge for ultra short throw optics systems. The AW4001 test sample handled the challenge well, scoring a measured 77%. With a 100% white test image, a close look shows that the left and right edges are a touch dimmer than the broad center swath, but there are no obvious hot spots or dim areas. The change is gradual enough so it is impossible to see with text, graphics, or photorealistic images breaking up the field of view.

Input Lag. The input lag varies from 48 ms to 50 ms for all modes but Whiteboard, which is 54 ms. Even 48 ms is a little slow for applications like flight simulators where real-time reaction is critical. But it is fast enough for any educational interactive application where input lag might matter.

On-board audio. The 16-watt mono speaker delivers good audio quality at high enough volume for a mid-size room.

Fan noise. Hitachi rates the AW4001's noise level in Normal power mode at 34 dB to 28 dB, depending on the power setting. Ratings for Long Life 1 and 2 are also 34 dB. The Whisper mode rating is 28 dB. Even at the higher level, the steady hum fades into the background, particularly in a room with ambient noise. In Whisper mode, it all but disappears. There is no High Altitude mode.

Setting up the Hitachi LP-AW4001
Lens offest and mounting. The AW4001's lens offset is designed for placing the projector on a table below the screen or on a wall mount above it. With the projector on a table, the bottom line of the image is a little less than 20% of the image height above the centerline of the window that serves as a lens. Keep in mind that the window itself is in a recessed notch near the back, and the offset is from the window, not from the highest point on the projector.

Unlike most UST projectors, the AW4001 offers motorized focus, so you can stand where you can see the whole image while focusing. If the projector needs to tilt or swivel to point at the screen, you can adjust both vertical and horizontal keystone by +/- 5%. Additional controls include both four-corner and V/H pincushion and barrel distortion correction for projecting on uneven or curved surfaces.

You can also shrink the image with digital zoom and then digitally move it up, down, left or right. However, digital zoom and geometry controls are best avoided. Using them means not taking advantage of the entire imaging chip, which lowers brightness and can introduce artifacts.

Throw Distance. The AW4001 has no optical zoom, so to match the image size to the screen without using digital zoom, you have to position the projector properly. The throw distance between the screen and the window that serves as a lens is 1' 4" for a 60" image to just short of 3' for a 130" image. If you venture much beyond that range, it is impossible to focus the entire image. The Hitachi LP-AW4001 Projection Calculator will give you the throw distance range for the image size you want in terms of the window near the back of the projector. Subtract 12.5" from that number to get the distance between the front of the projector and the screen.

Our take on the Hitachi LP-AW4001
The Hitachi LP-AW4001 delivers solid image quality, high brightness, and an aggressively low price. At $2,349 street, it is--at this writing--the least expensive laser-based, UST projector in its brightness and resolution class. It also offers unusually painless setup. At 16.8 pounds it is easy to handle, and its convenience features--most notably motorized focus and geometry correction--are highly welcome.

The test unit slightly bettered its 4,200 ANSI lumen rating at a measured 4,231 ANSI lumens. It can also be set to as low as 1,033 Lumens, and to almost any level in between with some combination of color preset mode and custom power setting. Budget-sensitive users will appreciate that they can save on electricity by using just the brightness they need for the screen size and lighting conditions. Even the 2,210 lumens for our optimized video settings can light up a 120" 1.0-gain screen or a 130" 1.2-gain screen in moderately bright ambient light.

The Hitachi LP-AW4001 easily qualifies for our Road Test Certified award. Its combination of high brightness, ultra short throw, laser-phosphor light source, ease of setup, and little-to-no maintenance makes it a strong contender for classrooms and conference rooms as well as for signage and displays. The aggressively low price makes it a solid value as well, and should earn it a place on your short list.