Draper Luma 2 R Series Screens

Draper Luma 2 R Series Screens

Note: This screen requires a floor-stand in order to be used properly, which is sold separately.

The Luma 2/R is a large, portable spring-roller operated heavy duty projection screen. A simple, practical choice wherever a large, portable spring-roller screen is required. Simple design, rugged construction. Inverted and cradled in a floor stand (sold separately). Floor stand is required in order to operate Luna2/R correctly.

Case is scratch-resistant black finished steel or covered with black carpet. Steel case finished in black with matching endcaps.

Key Features
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 12 x 12 (366cm x 366cm) and 15 (457cm) NTSC.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Optionally available with black carpeted case
  • Optionally available upon request: 2" wide black borders on AV format screens, no additional charge
  • Adjustable Floor Stand: Part No. 212001 (Sold Separately - required for Luma2/R to operate correctly) Adjustable Floor Stand is made of heavy gauge steel and anodized aluminum. The Floor Stand supports the Luma 2/R in an inverted position at floor level. Telescoping upright, the Floor Stand holds top of viewing surface when extended (maximum of 12 (366cm). Floor Stand assembles easily without tools. No Floor Stand component is longer than 6 (183cm).
  • Warranted for five years against defects in materials and workmanship.

Luma 2 R
Matt White XT1000E
69" x 92"211009
78" x 104"211010
87" x 116"211011
105" x 140"211012
72" x 96"211001
96" x 96"211002
84" x 108"211003
108" x 108"211004
96" x 120"211005
120" x 120"211006
108" x 144"211007
144" x 144"211008