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Draper Access FIT M Series Screens

Draper Access FIT M Series Screens

Several years ago, Draper introduced the Access line of projection screens as a breakthrough in screen design. It was born out of input from our customers.

Today the Access has been redesigned, again based on customer input. The improvements make the Access even easier to install. First, we have repackaged as many sizes as possible into a compact housing, less than 6" tall. Access FIT utilizes the same rugged components as larger Access screens, with a smaller footprint. It is engineered to fit into tight openings above the ceiling--places where you thought the screen would have to be exposed. Access FIT/Series M offers screen sizes through 120" wide. The Access FIT/Series M is a spring-roller operated screen for ceiling–recessed installation.

Case Now, Screen Later

You can install the case during the “dirty” phase of the construction process and keep the screen safe until you install the projector. The screen (spring-roller and attached viewing surface) installs in seconds with preset latching roller brackets. This eliminates job site damage. Screens may be installed in cases up to 20” wider than the standard case lengths.

An Access case can be ordered and installed prior to final selection of size, type and format. If ordering a case in advance of the screen, the price of the case will be deducted when the screen is ordered. Specify case length at time of order.

Key Features
  • Redesigned bottom closure panel with new hinge system allows the closure panel to hang in place when opened, or it can be easily removed.
  • Adjustable or removable hoisting brackets are now included to allow for easy lifting during installation
  • Case dimensions 7-3/4"W x 5-11/16"H (19.7cm x 14.4cm) including flange and mounting brackets
  • White case standard, black available upon request
  • Extra drop above image area available upon request, (specify color, black is standard).
  • Custom sizes available, call sales at 1-888-686-0551 for custom size quotes.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Plenum rated case (UL approved “Suitable for Use in Environmental Air Space”)

Access Fit M
Matt White XT1000EContrast White XH1100EContrast Grey XH800EPearl White CH1900EArgent White XH1500E
42 1/2" x 56 1/2"197013197013EG197013EC197013EJ197013EH
50" x 66 1/2"197014197014EG197014EC197014EJ197014EH
60" x 80"197015197015EG197015EC197015EJ197015EH
69" x 92"197016197016EG197016EC197016EJ197016EH
78" x 104"197017197017EG197017EC---197017EH
87" x 116"197018197018EG197018EC---197018EH
45" x 80"197020197020EG197020EC197020EJ197020EH
52" x 92"197022197022EG197022EC197022EJ197022EH
54" x 96"197023197023EG197023EC---197023EH
58" x 104"197024197024EG197024EC---197024EH
65" x 116"197025197025EG197025EC---197025EH
50" x 80"197027197027EG197027EC197027EJ197027EH
57 1/2" x 92"197028197028EG197028EC197028EJ197028EH
60" x 96"197029197029EG197029EC---197029EH
65" x 104"197030197030EG197030EC---197030EH
72 1/2" x 116"197031197031EG197031EC---197031EH
50" x 50"197001197001EG197001EC197001EJ197001EH
60" x 60"197002197002EG197002EC197002EJ197002EH
70" x 70"197003197003EG197003EC197003EJ197003EH
84" x 84"197004197004EG197004EC197004EJ197004EH
72" x 96"197005197005EG197005EC197005EJ197005EH
96" x 96"197006197006EG197006EC197006EJ197006EH
84" x 108"197007197007EG197007EC---197007EH
108" x 108"197008---197008EC------
96" x 120"197009197009EG197009EC---197009EH
120" x 120"197010---197010EC------